About Us

Story of our company and our team

AMSIMCEL is specialized in high performance computing for the acceleration of IC design, deep learning and complex systems verification.

We challenge ourselves to drive innovation for the whole Semiconductor Industry, to establish the next generation of Electronic Design Automation tools and deliver the best in class methodologies for the most demanding projects.

The Company

As a young company founded in 2017, AMSIMCEL already won a Start-up Nation Romania founding grant and was selected in the Romanian Commerce Ministry Internationalization Program. The current fields of research are IC verification & optimization using parallel computing. We are also active in the applications of deep learning for medical, security and automatic recognition of handwritten old archives.

The 10 years+ experience of founders recommends it as one of the most promising start-ups in these fields

Meet the team

With broader industry and academia connections our R&D team is committed to integrate the most advanced technologies in parallel computing, accelerated machine simulations and automated circuits verification. Our team of consultants is an enthusiastic group of Software, Data Science, AI and Verification engineers working across boundaries to help you complete your project in time.

The IC Design & Verification division is able to help you ramp up the whole IC design and verification process, deliver custom IP and ensure bug-free silicon.

The Software Development division provides custom software development for engineering products, end-to-end support for product development and entire products lifecycle.

The Data Science & Artificial Intelligence division delivers advanced data analytics to help improve teams’ performance, product development process or big data analysis.

Do you need specialists for AMS design, IC Verification, Engineering Software Development or Data Science and Analysis? Or do you need project critical resources just for one of the disciplines? We are here to help.


Catalin Tugui



Emanuel Dogaru



Gabriel Donici


Software developer

Lenuta Pirghie

UIX developer

Projects and Selected Publications

  • Tugui C., Donici G., Dogaru E., Akre J-M., CUDA Accelerated Hybrid Electrical Rule Checking for Floating MOSFET Gates, NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference Europe (GTC 2018), Munich, Germany.
  • Vinci dos Santos F., Dogaru E., Flexible Wideband Radio Transceiver Testing using Non-Uniform Subsampling Demodulation, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS’18), Florence, Italy.
  • Dagan L., Tugui C., CCK – Using TCL API with static voltage propagation for detection of ESD and stress violations, SNUG 2015, Reading, UK and Munich, Germany.
  • Dogaru E., Vinci dos Santos F., Rebernak W., A RF BIST architecture for output stages of multistandard radios, 2013 Military Communications and Information Systems Conference, St.-Malo, 2013, pp. 1-8.
  • Dogaru, E., Vinci dos Santos F., Rebernak W., LMS-based RF BIST architecture for multistandard transmitters, 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI and Nanotechnology Systems (DFTS), New York City, NY, 2013, pp. 131-136.
  • Akre J-M., Juillard, J., Galayko, D., Colinet, E., Synchronization Analysis of Networks of Self-Sampled All-Digital Phase-Locked Loops, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 2012, Volume: 59-4, pp. 708 – 720.
  • Tugui C.-A., Benassi, R., Apostol, S., Benabes, P., Efficient optimization methodology for CT functions based on a modified bayesian kriging approach, IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems (ICECS 2012), Barcelona, Spain.
  • Benabes P., Tugui C.-A., Effective Modeling of CT Functions for Fast Simulations Using MATLAB-Simulink and VHDL-AMS Applied to Sigma-Delta Architectures, IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS’11), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Benabes P., Tugui C.-A., A high-level modeling framework for the design and optimization of complex CT functions, IEEE International NEWCAS Conference (NEWCAS’11), Bordeaux, France.


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