AMSIMCEL Joins Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2)

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AMSIMCEL Joins Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2)

Suceava, Romania, January 18th 2021

AMSIMCEL announced today that it has joined Silicon Integration Initiative as a Discovery member. The Si2 Discovery Membership is open to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, including semiconductor, systems, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), and manufacturing companies, interested in advancing design solutions for the semiconductor industry.

AMSIMCEL proposes EDA software that aims to reduce the time-to-market and lower the production cost of today’s Integrated Circuits (ICs) by accelerating the IC Physical Verification (PV) process. The AMSIMCEL proprietary HyperPV framework including the HyperDRC engine for design rule checking and the HyperCloud computing platform constitutes the first GPU-powered Electronic Design Automation software suite that brings unprecedented acceleration to the IC Physical Verification stage.

The Silicon Integration Initiative membership will allow AMSIMCEL to take part in the advancement of IC Physical Verification by actively contributing to current and future open standards and methodologies. It will also help us to get more insights into the directions of adopting new computing paradigms like AI/ML into EDA. Furthermore, the membership will provide AMSIMCEL the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other Semiconductor and EDA organizations.

“Joining Si2/Silicon Integration Initiative is a strategic move for AMSIMCEL to consolidate its position into the open standards and AI/ML initiatives for EDA. We are very eager to contribute to Si2, particularly in the Physical Verification segment and integration of AI/ML techniques into EDA tools. The Si2 network will help us consolidate our technical expertise and contribute to the definition of the next generation of standards for chip design”, said Catalin Tugui, CEO of AMSIMCEL.

About Silicon Integration Initiative

Silicon Integration Initiative is a non-profit consortium of semiconductor, systems, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), and manufacturing companies, focused on improving the way integrated circuits are designed and manufactured.


AMSIMCEL is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) startup that brings unprecedented GPU computing capabilities into the next generation of Integrated Circuits (IC) Design & Verification tools. AMSIMCEL aims to disrupt the Physical Verification field with HyperPV, the first GPU Powered Physical Verification Framework.

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