AMSIMCEL participates at GTC NVIDIA Conference

ESD Risk Mitigation Using CUDA

AMSIMCEL participates at GTC NVIDIA Conference

Between March 22nd and April 2nd, a team of AMSIMCEL engineers attended GTC NVIDIA Digital, the most relevant AI and GPU conference that took place in Silicon Valley. In 2020 the classical Silicon Valley event became, for the 1st time, DIGITAL because of the global lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement of the digital transformation came suddenly and amid the concern of worldwide AI and GPU enthusiasts, who saw how the airports in their countries were closing, one by one. To change an entire conference, with thousands of participants, from a classical structure to a digital one in just three weeks is, for sure, an incredible performance and NVIDIA deserves all our praise for this.

By attending the GTC conference NVIDIA DIGITAL, AMSIMCEL confirmed again that it is a leading company in terms of GPU technology in Eastern Europe. Our company was one of the few organizations from Eastern Europe that attended this stunning event, and although the ability to interact with the experts was somehow lower than in a classic conference, we were still able to get relevant feedback on the work we presented.

Our team participated at the conference with valuable research, “ESD Risk Mitigation Using CUDA-accelerated Algorithm for MOSFET Connectivity Checking”, synthesized as a poster. The research is about a new algorithm that helps to prevent the risk of destruction of integrated circuits, in case they are accidentally struck by electrostatic discharges (ESD). This algorithm helps IC designers by identifying weak points in their designs (chips) so that they can preventively protect them against ESD. This poster presents a state of the art research from AMSIMCEL in the EDA field of ESD verification. Our work has generated high interest from the industry representatives and was praised for its innovative features, its complexity, and its disruptive potential. We will continue to communicate with the specialists that showed direct interest, use their feedback, and, for sure, establish long-time collaborations.

GTC NVIDIA Digital was a new and challenging experience and our team tried to make the most of its participation by hearing specialized sessions that could give us those insights needed to advance the development of our product. Even if we could not communicate face-to-face with the speakers, we absorbed the information presented, we interacted digitally and we intend to contact them, as soon as possible, to deepen the topics discussed, especially those relevant to the topic. Among the most important sessions held by top figures in the industry, attended by our team of engineers, we could mention the following ones: Isaac Sim 2020 Deep Dive, NVIDIA Tools to Train, Build and Deploy Intelligent Vision Applications at the Edge, Machine Learning on the Edge for 5G, Multi-GPU Programming, NVIDIA Math Libraries, Advanced Scientific Visualization with NVIDIA Omniverse, Optimizing Work Scheduling and Memory Usage for Complex Database Queries on GPUs.

This year’s edition was held under the pressure of the global pandemic, but the exchanges of scientific information, the presentations of results, and networking were above any expectation. The GTC NVIDIA DIGITAL 2020 proved to be a prestigious event and the AMSIMCEL team of engineers closed the event with a clear intention to return to it in the future, regardless if it will be a classic or a digital event.

For more information about the research presented by the AMSIMCEL team at the conference, please refer to the  NVIDIA website.


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