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Next Generation for Physical verification

The first GPU-Powered Physical Verification Framework 

With advanced chip designs having tens of billions of transistors, Physical Verification (PV) and in particular Design Rule Checking (DRC)
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became the bottleneck of the design lifecycle in latest technologies. To address this issue, AMSIMCEL is proposing hyperPV – the first GPU-Powered Physical Verification Framework. The core of the framework is hyperDRC, a High Performance Computing DRC engine enabling unprecedented acceleration of physical designs verification. By taking advantage of the massive parallel-computing capabilities of modern General Purpose Graphic Processor Units (GPGPUs), our proprietary algorithms provide fast results (up to 20 times faster than leading competitors) and achieve near-linear scalability for 100s of GPU nodes. Our hyperDRC engine is exposed through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, hyperCloud, which provides a clean, customizable interface allowing seamless integration with existing workflows and easy runset customization.

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Value Proposition



  • Highly scalable (up to100s of GPUs in hybrid data centers)
  • cloud scalability


  • 5 to 20 times faster compared to topexisting solutions forDRC and P&R

Modern Tooling

  • Modern tooling technology (Python, SaaS, CUDA, MPI)
  • Easy customization through Python API

Lower cost

  • 30% lower total cost of ownership (licenses, cheaper compute power-GPU vs CPU, data center & cloud cost)

Meet the founders

Verification Engineer, PhD Electronics

Catalin Tugui


Software Development

Emanuel Dogaru


PhD Economics & BA, Marketing

Gabriel Donici



“Project co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development trough Competitiveness Operational Program 2014-2020”
“The content of this material is not mandatory to represent the official position of the European Union or of the Romanian Government”.