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Analog and Mixed Signal Design

Analog and Mixed Signal Design Methodologies

Ramp-up your Analog and Mixed Signal design and verification flow using state of the art methodologies and tools.

  1. Analog and Mixed Signal Simulation
  2. System Level Validation
  3. Variation Aware Design
  4. Parasitic Aware Design
  5. Automatic Circuits Optimization
  6. Sensitivity Analysis
  7. Monte Carlo & Mismatch Analyses
  8. Yield verification
  9. PVT Corners & Worst Case Corner
  10. ESD Verification
  11. Design Stability Verification
  12. Analog and Mixed Signal Regressions

AMS Design

AMS design services for block level and top level cells.

  1. Analog IP
  2. Power Management Units
  3. Data Converters
  4. ADC, DAC, Sigma-Delta
  5. Low Power RF
  6. Low Power custom circuit design
  7. IOs & custom libraries
  8. Switching and linear regulators
  9. PLLs, DLLs
  10. Oscillators
  11. ESD (including HV)

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