Press Release: GTC NVIDIA Conference Munich, Germany

October 9th -11th 2018

Press Release: GTC NVIDIA Conference Munich, Germany

Between October 9th and 11th, AMSIMCEL participated at the most important AI and GPU conference on the continent, GTC Europe 2018, held in Munich. Of great importance is the fact that AMSIMCEL was the only organization from Romania that participated in this exquisite event. Hopefully, we are road openers for other companies and institutions from Romania that are preoccupied with the AI developments.

The event has proven to be a great opportunity for our representatives to get acquainted and establish contacts with the most important representatives from the industry. During the three days of sessions and presentation, we interacted with world-class specialists in our direct fields of interest and in adjacent ones. Among the most important sessions held by top figures in the industry, we could mention the ones held by Jensen Huang – CEO at Nvidia, Deepu Talla – VP & GP of Autonomous Machines, Soma Velayuthan –  Global Head Industry Development, Maximilian Baust – Senior R&D Engineer and Research Specialist at Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe, Maurizio Pierini – CERN, Claire Delaunay – VP of Engineering Nvidia, Ryan Olson – Solutions Architect Nvidia, Michael Hafner – Head of Autonomous Driving at Daimler, Ewa Duerr – ‎Site Manager & Cloud AI EMEA at Google‎, Tero Rissa – Chief Architect ML Nokia, Slawomir Stanczak – Profesor at Fraunhofer, Keith Morris – Nvidia, Alexander Keller – Nvidia, Stephen Jones – Nvidia, and many others.

Our team presented a dynamic ERC project that has generated a high interest from the industry representatives. The specialists that showed interest for our product praised its innovative features, its complexity and out of the box perspective. We will continue to communicate with the ones that had a direct interest and try to establish long-time collaborations.

For more information about AMSIMCEL’s participation at the conference, please refer to the NVIDIA website.

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